AGC Hometown Development; Sustainable project to fulfill children’s dream and support their hometown in remote area.

23 May 2559

AGC CSR in Thailand is covered in social contribution and employee engagement which is getting involvement from executives and staffs. The activities keep continuously growing and target to provide a better opportunity to underprivileged children, their family and communities. The latest program is outing activity of AFT, ACTH and ATST at school in Chonburi province on September 5, 2015. The event was joined by presidents, directors and employees to fulfill children dream by providing their support in music & art camp. With the success of our CSR program, other activities also integrated all life and career skills to ensure all children growing up in sustainable manners. The activities included art exhibition to encourage their experience and talents, herb garden for better health, learning center built from AGC donated glasses and planting and preservation of Thai herbal and rare found trees. We will provide the better project for community, please stay tune.