How does the Heat Reflective Glass able to save energy?

The Heat Reflection Glass have ability to reflect the light and heat, to prevent the heat transfer into the building and enable to reduce the cost of using air conditioning.

What kind of work we can apply Tempered Glass for?

Not only using Tempered Safety Glass within the area that required super strength inside the Building such as Glass Partition, Frameless Door, Guard Rail, Shower Enclosure, Furniture and etc.. Tempered Safety Glass also applying in the area that safety function is required.

Why and what is the cause of self’ breakages for Tempered Safety Glass?

The Tempered Safety Glass have compressive stress on both side of the surface of the glass and have tensile stress inside the glass with its balance, if a crack occurs on the glass’s surface and the crack grew into the tensile stress, the glass will break.

How to prevent tempered safety glass cracking with itself?

Protection can be implemented through the Heat Soak Test Process, it’s the simulation process of the glass at high temperatures than the actual usages, this test features support the cracking reduction.

What type of glass is suitable for applying in the building envelope, Heat Reflective Glass or Insulating Glass?

In general, Insulating Glass performs better energy conservation than Heat Reflective Glass, but the prices will be higher as well. For the Insulating Glass, the glass cannot be recut so accuracy order is required.

What is the life time of PVB film in Laminated Safety Glass? What is the possibility of bubbles to be occurred?

Applications multi-layer safety glass should precautions as following:

  • Should be frame covered, Do not open the border strip, must have drainage holes and Aluminum frame, the silicone to hold the glass to the frame. Do not use the type that contain of organic because it will react with film and cause damage. In the case of the use of tinted glass to make laminated safety glass should have calculation ability to resistant to heat before.
  • Although layers of Laminated Safety Glass can be cut but it will make the condition of the glass damage, the first should order the correct size.

So for the question, how long PVB which used in Laminated Safety Glass? The answer is that If avoids applications wrong way which mentioned, Laminated Safety Glass should be with the building.

What is curtain wall glass and how many types it is?

Curtain wall is popular and most modern office building is applying such the system because construction is simple and easy to apply. Curtain Wall can separate into 3 types as follow.

The Simple (Conventional System) to look the outside of the aluminum frame 4 side
The 2 Sided frames can see aluminum frame in 2 sides.
The 4 sided frames cannot see aluminum exterior.

How do we choose a glass table?

Glass applied for table. The thickness of glass should be thick enough. For safety purposes safety glass is recommended such as Tempered Safety Glass or Laminated Safety Glass and etc...

Mirrors can be further process as for Tempered or Heat Strengthen Glass?

Mirrors cannot do further tempering or heat strengthen process. Because mirrors was coated by Wet Chemical Deposition process if do the tempering or heat strengthened process the coating will be destroyed.

How does the glass roof must a multi layers glass only?

For those who love natural light. Glass roof allow natural light to pass through, the glass which applying for glass roof must be a laminated safety glass only because if an accident happen the broken glass fragments will not fall down.